Make Way for iOS 9: Tips On How To Have More Space In Your iPhone and iPad

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Free some space from your Apple Gadgets
Tips on how to free some space in your Apple products.

Are you ready for the new iOS 9?

Only a few more weeks to go before Apple releases its newest operating system, and loyalists are already gearing up for new features like multi-tasking apps, Apple News, a more ?attentive? Siri, and other exciting add-ons.

But before that, have you checked if you have enough space to accommodate the iOS? 1.3 GB system requirement? No?

Well although the iOS 9 is said to offer the really unique feature of uninstalling your apps as you upgrade your system and puts it back once it?s done, it might actually be a good idea to go ahead and free-up some space organically.

Not only will this prepare your phone for some big upgrades, but it will generally improve your gadget?s performance as well.

So how do you do this? Check out the following suggestions:

Find the culprit

Determine what?s eating a bulk of your storage by going to Settings, choosing General, then Usage, and finally click Manage Storage. From there you will already get an idea of what taking up most of your iPhone?s space and determine what to do next. You might just discover that you?re still holding on to Angry Birds or Candy Crush ? apps that you haven?t used since you can?t remember when.

HDR gives unwanted copies of photos

That?s right, taking photos using HDR actually means you?re getting two versions of every photo taken. Go to setting, choose Photos and Camera, and tick off ?Keep Normal Photo? so you only get the one with the best resolution picture.

Re-evaluate your taste for music

We simply mean that if you?re through listening to Justin Bieber?s drivel, then it?s probably high time to rid him from your playlist. Seriously, you can?t always listen to 9GB of music everyday.

If you really want some diverse selections, then music streaming is probably the place to go. Spotify and Beats have some great line-up, and Google Play?Music also offers free streaming ? ahead of Apple?s three months free usage of Apple Music!

Which leads us to?

Delete some photos and vids

Try looking at ALL your photos in your phone, we bet that you?ve got some memories there that you wouldn?t want to remember. Deleting them now would be a really good idea, and chances are they are already stored in the Cloud. If not, we?ve got a very good feeling you won?t miss those photos at all.

Get rid of finished podcasts

If only podcasts are like books that you can just pick-up again and read them anytime you like without any hassle. But podcasts often take up so much space so once you?re done, consider deleting them. The same goes for videos/movies you?ve watched already.

Instagram might be the culprit

Another favorite App, Instagram might be damaging your internal storage space by duplicating photos you?ve already posted for the world to see. To avoid this, just go to your settings, look for Instagram in apps, and switch off the ‘Save Original Photo’ prompt.

Beware of self-downloading apps

Some apps might only take up a small amount of space upon installation, but could easily do internal downloads such as Spotify. Keepin in mind suggestion #1, try to determine which apps does this and consider taking it out of your system.

Don?t stock on the Cookies

Your mobile browsing can add some unwanted cache that?s keeping your phone sluggish. To remedy this, go to Settings, click on Safari then clear cookies.

Turn off Photo Stream

This function means that whenever you take photos, it automatically connects to all your iCloud devices specially when you?re connected to Wifi. This means data is actually being doubled, and your storage space becomes limited. To avoid this, go to Settings, click Photos & Camera, and slide off My Photo Stream.

Erase messages

This might be one of the simplest, yet most neglected part of saving your phone some space. Set your message settings to automatically delete messages that are one month or older. You?ll be surprised at how many text messages you?ve accumulated through time!

So keep your phone clean and organized. Go on an online spring cleaning, and purge your life of digital clutter.

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