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Make the most of your thrilling adventures with an action cam that withstands a cliff dive

Here’s an action camera that withstands even the roughest drive on a rocky road, and will still give you HD quality videos

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There’s a reason why thrillseekers carry certain types of equipment when they’re out creating the best moments of their life. If you’re dreaming of becoming an adventurer, you have to note that your iPhone or your go pro may hinder you from jumping from a 10ft cliff or enjoying all these thrills. 

You’re off to a much better start if you have an action camera that will not limit you from taking on new challenges, the Akaso Brave 7.

Akaso Brave 7 is the newest action camera from the brand’s Brave Series. It features a dual-color screen with image stabilization, a 170-degree viewing angle, and an IPX8 waterproof rating. It requires no case, so you can confidently use it even if it suddenly rains or you just decided to jump in the pool with your cam.

This action cam offers more than you could ever think. It has a Distortion Calibration feature that can correct any image distortion while recording. It also has a wind noise reduction that actively reduces wind noise to enhance audio performance and helping to achieve high-fidelity recordings. You can also command your Akaso camera to take a photo for you because it is also voice-controlled, allowing you to experience fun and exciting moments, hands-free!

If these features are still not enough, well, the AKASO Brave 7’s 4K30fps video and 20MP photo capabilities can capture every movement of your moment clearly and smoothly, so you can record your adventures with superior, vibrant detail.

Like any other advanced camera, this one can also connect to its app. Recording and sharing your adventures is made easy with the AKASO GO app. This action camera provides video editing functions with various shooting modes, allowing even a newbie like you to generate a masterpiece in just a single click.

Enjoy recording your moments in different modes:
  • 4x Slow Motion
  • Time Lapse
  • Loop Recording
  • Timed Photo
  • Still Photo
Make the most out of your trips and record these moments because not even your cameras should hinder you from taking your actions into the screen. Do not let anything limit you from becoming the ultimate adventurer. With Akaso Brave 7, imagination is your only limit.

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