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Maintain straightened teeth without compromising your daytime routines using this night-shift aligner

Now you’ll be more confident flashing your pearly whites!

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Choosing between comfort and style can be challenging. The same is true about teeth aligning treatments and doing your daily tasks comfortably. Teeth aligners are no longer foreign for anyone who grew up with a not-so-fair set of teeth. However, not everyone loves wearing them, most especially daytime, because they feel bothersome. If you’re one of them, here’s how you can cope up with this problem.

Are you excited to have it too? Meet AlignErco NightOnly Clear Aligners, your most comfortable solution to teeth alignment!

What is AlignErco Night Only Clear Aligners about?
Nighttime aligners are still making their way to the market, as some manufacturers cannot find the perfect way to create them. But now that you have AlignErco, straightening your teeth with comfort is no longer impossible. AlignErco’s NightOnly Clear Aligners aims to polish your smile every bedtime and free you from any hassle during the day.

How does it work?
AlignErco works the same way other brands do. But what makes it convenient is you only have to use it at night. That way, you won’t have to wear it too long like your old alignment kit that needs to stay 20 hours inside your mouth. Wear it for only 8-10 hours during bedtime, and see wonders with your teeth without feeling bothered or disturbed. So, imagine the benefit of getting a repair with your teeth while sleeping.

Why should I have this aligner?
  • Requires lesser wear time
  • Easy to maintain
  • Hassle-free daily routine
  • Seamless and enjoyable mealtimes

Will my teeth’ case make improvements?

Absolutely! The only time you won’t see your smile improve is when you don’t fit for this remedy. That calls for a dentist’s intervention. But as long as our experts’ assessments say so, expect to have your teeth treated and trained using this nighttime aligner.