Maine Mendoza Twitter Account Hacked By Anonymous Group: Here?s How To Protect Your Own Account

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Famous Filipina actress Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub of the well-loved AlDub tandem had her Twitter account hacked by a group known as Anonymous Philippines. The Twitter page of Yaya Dub shows a number of Twitter posts from supposed hacker group Anonymous Philippines early Tuesday morning.

Maine Mendoza, who plays Yaya Dub in a popular segment on the longest noontime show in the Philippines Eat Bulaga, previously had her Twitter account verified with over 2 million followers which may have urged the group claiming to be from Anonymous Philippines to hack into her account.

The actress owns one of the fastest growing Twitter accounts in the world along with AlDub partner, Alden Richards. Social Baker statistics recognized her account together with international celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, and Jimmy Fallon.

Supposed group Anonymous Philippines posted a Tweet promoting what seemed to be an anti-corruption protest labeled as ?Million Mask March.? Anonymous Philippines is a group of hackers ?perpetrating attacks in the country, pushing for freedom of expression and other internet issues,? according to news website Rappler.

The news website also added that in 2012, Anonymous Philippines ?hacked the websites of various government agencies to protest the Cybercrime Prevention Act? and recently ?defaced the website of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in support of Internet users who deal with the reliable service and alleged deceptive practices of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).?

The tweet read: ?We?re sorry if we dropped by the account of Yaya Dub, we?ll eventually return it to the original owner. With love, Anonymous Philippines.?

The presumed hackers of Maine Mendoza?s Twitter account also posted a series of links that take you to their Facebook page and website with details about the ?Million Mask March.? As of 10AM, posts from Yaya Dub?s Twitter account haven?t been taken down yet.

How to protect your account

Amidst support for the actress, social media users are also sharing ways on how to protect and be vigilant in their own account. For worried social media users who want to keep their accounts clean and free of hackers, here is a way to protect them: Give your password that unique combination that only you will know and understand. Generic passwords will obviously be easily hacked so try to think of that one-of-a-kind password that nobody in the world will know. You can also check out these password tips from Business Insider:

Use a unique password for all your important accounts

Use a long password (and we really mean long)

Use a password with mix of letters (uppercase and lowercase combinations), numbers, and symbols

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