Maine Mendoza Real Boyfriend Is Not Alden Richards

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Fans of AlDub rejoiced when Maine Mendoza finally said ?yes? to her on-screen partner Alden Richards. However, rumor has it that it was just for show, and she actually has a real-life boyfriend. How true is that?

On the September 1 episode of ?KalyeSerye,? a segment in the noontime show Eat Bulaga, Mendoza gave her sweet ?yes? to Richards. It immediately caused the fans to go wild. They have been waiting for that moment for over a year, and finally it happened.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7cRH7idx0s]

However, it seems like the cloud nine feeling ended soon for them. Some reports claim that the scene was just for the show, and Richards is not her real boyfriend. There are even rumors stating that when Mendoza went to the United States to watch a concert, she was with a guy named Miggy.

The question is, who is this Miggy? Previous reports revealed that Miggy is Mendoza?s former suitor. It goes way back before she was discovered by Eat Bulaga. Although the thing between them happened a long time ago, issues of them dating just cannot die.

If these rumors were true, AlDub might lose their fans. Plus, faking their relationship for the sake of the show is a really bad move for the couple. Luckily, Maine Mendoza answered these allegations involving Miggy last month.

In August, there was a fan asking the actress to be honest. He asked her to tell the truth behind these Miggy rumors. Mendoza, on the other hand, responded to the fan saying all rumors are ?not true- AT ALL.?

?You see, some people keep on digging up old photos and tweets, making up different (malicious) stories about them, talking trash about me and creating issues about everything for only one MAJOR REASON – my mere existence annoys the f out of them,? said the actress in a statement.

Mendoza then added that haters are just trying to bring her down the ?quickest and dirtiest way possible.? Plus, they are just trying to create issue and drag different people to convince other people to hate her as well.

These statements from the actress came even before she said ?yes? to Richards. So, it is safe to say that she has cleared the fog before getting into a relationship with the latter. Fans can now breathe easier. With regards to the Unites States trip, it was just based on rumors and nothing was ever confirmed.

For now, all fans can still believe that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza are a real couple. However, expect a lot more negative reports in the near future as haters try to bring the power duo down. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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