Maine Mendoza: How To Capture A Reluctant Muse

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Maine Mendoza as Madre Della Terra by AG Sano (photo from AG Sano FB Page)

Apart from the thrill of a budding love story, and a unique entertainment platform, the pairing of actors Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza, more popularly known as ?AlDub?, has notably inspired fans from all walks of expressions. Many have come-up with different art works to how much the two has touched their lives. Be it in the form of an illustration, fan fiction, or cartoon posters, it?s obvious that their unique pairing has moved so many artists to showcase their craft.

Among the two, it is obvious that it leading lady Maine Mendoza, has truly set the bar when it comes to various inspired art. For the past three months since their love team was created, we?ve seen some notable expressions created thanks to Maine?s endearing and lovable persona.

Singer Jimmy Bondoc for one, can be remembered releasing a single titled ?Yaya?, and although the song talked about hope in the pair?s unlikely tale, it?s obvious that Maine?s character brought life to most of the song.

Mikey Bustos, a well-known Fil-Canadian social media personality, also came up with his own single ?That?s My Yaya Dub? which talks about Maine?s sweetness, humor, intelligence and smile.

Recently, environmentalist AG Sano, used Maine?s face to portray Mother Nature in a mural he created in Italy. The mural is called ?Madre Della Terra? and is part of the 60-day climate walk organized by Filipino and foreign climate change activists.

But what is it really about Maine that inspires so many to dedicate their art to her? Her beauty is a given reason, but we feel there?s so much more about her that inspires:

  • Her anti-celebrity persona. We don?t mean that Maine is against being a celebrity, but the fact that this showbiz newbie is so unlike other actresses from her generation, that she gives a fresh vibe for those seeking inspiration. Maine is not lacquered unlike her counterparts, and usually needs little to no make-up at all for people to see that she?s really beautiful.
  • She?s not afraid to look ugly. Maine is aware of her comedic charm, and she?s not afraid to contort her face in front of the camera and actually come out silly. This for us has endeared her to so many of her fans, and they drink any photo or illustration that she inspires.
  • She?s not aware of her own appeal. Although guarded at times, Maine?s warm personality and always being accommodating to fans showed a human-side of her that?s so endearing. People see her as ?real? as opposed to the typical actress who always has a fa?ade to show.
  • She?s beautiful when she?s natural. Maine doesn?t let being a celebrity be in the way of her real expressions. She laughs when she finds something funny, cries when a scene seems too much, and yes, feels and looks awkward at times. These expressions, it seems, are what enamor fans and artists to the new actress ? there?s always something to look forward to!

So how do you capture a reluctant muse like Maine Mendoza? It?s easy actually ? just like the rest of us, you let her capture you.

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