Maine Mendoza: AlDub?s Anti-Celebrity Star

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Maine Mendoza AlDub

For the past three months or so, social media portals such as Facebook and Twitter have been bombarded by the mystery hashtag #AlDub. People from all over the world have naturally began to wonder: What is this word and why does it trend everyday?

The reason for the confusion was quite obvious. #AlDub would trend not only by the thousands, not even hundreds of thousands, but by the millions! From 1 million, they would trend to 2-3 million. Then it went up 5 million, 8 then 10! Last September 26, their tweets reached a staggering 25.6 million ? officially making AlDub one of the Top 5 most viral hashtags in the world.

AlDub Phenom

So people began to question why, or most importantly, ?what is AlDub?? For those who are still wondering: AlDub is an unlikely love team from the Philippines whose unique love story is aired daily via their mother show, the veteran variety entertainment special, Eat Bulaga. Their story is literally a tele-novela on the streets, and it tells the unlikely pairing of a pretty nanny (Yaya Dub played by newbie Maine Mendoza), and actor Alden Richards ? thus coining the term AlDub.

The story began when cameras accidentally caught the reaction of Yaya Dub, who was secretly fostering a reel (or is it real?) admiration for Alden, who was based in the studio to host the show?s other segment. Yaya Dub is assigned to the streets you see, and part of the wacky group who gives prizes daily to less fortunate viewers of the show.

Yaya Dub and Alden used to work separately, but after that accidental glance, a love story organically developed and captured the fancy of the audience ? millions of them in fact! Add to some challenges along the way, the biggest of which is Yaya?s strict ward, the millionaire Lola Nidora who believes it is not yet the right time for the two to take their relationship forward.

The show has been an unprecedented success and became so popular first for the old-school values the show imparts, and the riveting guessing game of whether or not the love story has breeched the boundaries of reel drama to real life, has enraptured everyone to know what?s going to happen next. The tandem has literally crashed Twitter during more significant events, and one crucial element to their success is the valued charm of leading lady, Maine Mendoza.

Maine Mendoza AlDub: The Anti-celebrity star

So who is Maine Mendoza? Although new in the industry (barely five months in Showbiz), her character already plays a crucial role in the popularity of their series ? one that has catapulted their show to stellar success, and engraved them in the halls of Philippine pop culture.

She is so important in fact, that we see her as the dominant one half of the growing phenomenon, with Alden contributing a very important ?one-fourth? of their success, and the other quarter they owe to the AlDub Nation which includes co-hosts, scriptwriters, producers, and one of the most organized and powerful fan base this side of the planet.

For curious readers, we give you the following interesting facts so you can know more about this intriguing social media sensation:

  • Maine Mendoza started as an internet sensation. She was tapped by the show for her hit dumsmash (the popular app where users can record themselves singing and saying lines from movies and music), which garnered millions in views. This happened only 5 months ago
  • She has no celebrity background whatsoever. She just enjoy making videos of herself and her friends doing fun clips, and she has been doing this for years.
  • She rose to fame not because of her beauty. Unlike other actresses who made a mark in showbiz for their looks, Maine in fact, became popular because of her wacky impressions. She is a comedienne first and foremost, and most of the photos you see of her are quite funny. Which is why?
  • She surprises everyone when she suddenly turns glam ? she?s definitely a looker!
  • She still acts like she?s not a celebrity. Maine?s humble personality has endeared her to fans. Although tired from doing the show and her other commitments, Maine is always ready to greet her fans.
  • She has done a total of six commercials for the past three months ? proof that she is indeed the most valuable commodity in local showbiz today.
  • She is the third fastest rising star in Twitter worldwide, topping US personalities like Katie Perry and Taylor Swift. Her verified account (with 2.14 million followers in less than 2 months) was recognized by no less than Twitter executive Rishi Jaitly verifying her social media fame as a phenomenon.
  • And most surprising of all: She became famous without even having to utter a single word! Yep. She doesn?t have to throw lines like other actresses. She literally just needs to dubsmash her way to every episode and it works!

So there you have it, just a glimpse of the other half of Asia?s current power couple. Maine is truly the very epitome of an anti-celebrity: She is beautiful without trying, talented without the experience, and whether she likes her current fame or not ? she?s definitely a super star.

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