Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding is so good, you’ll keep wanting more

Plus, it comes in different delicious flavors.

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Indulge in this world-famous banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery:

  • Delectable banana pudding made from fresh bananas
  • Different flavors and sizes 
  • Perfect for any occasion
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Aside from ice cream, cakes, cupcakes, and chocolates; banana pudding is a well-loved dessert. It usually consists of layers of vanilla custard, cookies, and sliced bananas topped with whipped cream or meringue. The not-so-sweet taste of vanilla custard that complements bananas makes this dessert irresistible. And let’s not forget its chunky and fluffy texture!

Different cafes, dessert shops, and restaurants offer their own versions of banana pudding, but have you tried the world-famous banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery yet? This is not your typical banana pudding as it comes in different delectable flavors, including a gluten-free option.

The Classic Banana Pudding Cup is perfect for your first try, especially if you’re not particularly fond of banana pudding or bananas. Real banana pudding enthusiasts, however, will surely love its creamy texture with a little crunch of vanilla wafers and a generous amount of fresh bananas. It’s available in small, medium, and large. 

Is a single serving cup not enough to satisfy your sweet cravings? Then get it in a party bowl and multipack to share with your friends or devour it all by yourself! The Classic Banana Pudding Multipack includes six large individual cups of heavenly banana pudding, while the 64-ounce Classic Banana Pudding Party Bowl is good for eight persons to share.

If you’re on a diet, you may opt for the Gluten-Free Banana Pudding Party Bowl. It contains gluten-free vanilla wafers, vanilla pudding, and fresh bananas. You can enjoy it without worrying about your diet too much. It’s also available in a multipack to share with your loved ones.

If you’re feeling adventurous, get ready to discover more delicious flavors such as red velvet and chocolate hazelnut. The Red Velvet Banana Pudding Party Bowl adds layers of rich red velvet cake and chocolate shavings with a sweeter flavor and velvety texture. 

Love chocolate? The Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Pudding Party Bowl consists of a rich Nutella spread that perfectly blends with bananas to truly elevate the banana pudding experience. Chocolate lovers will definitely get satisfied indulging in its sweet taste! Both are available in 64 ounces and can be served at any occasion. 

Magnolia Bakery also offers a World-Famous Banana Pudding Variety Multipack that includes two cups of each flavor so you can enjoy all the flavors you want.