Magna Carta 2 in Screens, out in October Exclusivly on the 360

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I got a chance to play the DEMO last week and to my amazement the game actually was quite different contrary to what other sites my say. The game does not have random battles in fact you actually see the enemies walking around (think FF XII) before you engage into a battle. The visuals are your standard fare (gorgeous) and the controls are pretty unique. Your able to chain attacks with the 2 other AI controlled team members and the more you charge up the more deadly the attacks.

Magna Carta really is a JRPG in the sense that the guy characters are more beautiful than the women counter parts. I really can’t go into a whole lot of details about the story or the missions for the simple fact that the Japanese Xbox DEMO I played was all in japanese voice and text. So I just had the hard to understand training portion of the game. But all in all this game seems to try things a little bit differently for a typical JRPG. Enjoy the eye candy.

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