Magikarp Jump Tips: Sure Ways To Conquer The Game

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Magikarp Jump Tips
A New Pokemon Game Is Now Out For Smartphones! [Image Captured From Pokemon YouTube Channel]

Another Pokemon mobile game is out in the market and it’s not one that players would expect. The star of the new title isn’t Pikachu, but the rather innocent and peculiar Magikarp. The game allows players to care for, train, and battle with their Magikarp. However, there’s more than meets the eye with this game so players are in need of a few Magikarp Jump tips to get their journey with the fish started.

Don’t Save Up Training Points

A few players might begin saving up on Training Points to power up Magikarp in one go. That’s not recommended though as every time the player ranks up, more Training Points are rewarded. If players have a full count of Training Points when ranking up, then there would be no room for the new points to come in and it will be put to waste. Basically, it’s important to use Training Points the moment it’s acquired.

Visit The Shop After Each Level Up

Aside from getting a few handy Training Points, players will also be rewarded with a few new items in the shop whenever they rank up. It’s important to pay a visit whenever the player rank goes up as there might be new handy upgrades or items available.

Upgrade Wisely

Every once in awhile, players will get the chance to upgrade training machines that would help Magikarp grow stronger. By going to town, players can use Coins to upgrade Magikarp’s training equipment. One particular Magikarp Jump tip is that players should be wise in spending Coins as the currency isn’t too abundant in the game.

One of the most important items to upgrade right away is the Sandbag Slam. Upgrading the Sandbag Slam requires 4 Coins till it gets to level 3. Upgrading to levels 4-5 requires 5 Coins, levels 6-7 requires 6 and the max level requires 8 Coins. The max level will give Magikarp 175 Jump Power.

Getting Coins

Getting Coins in Magikarp Jump isn’t very easy. One of the easiest ways to get a couple of Coins is by completing achievements. This is an especially useful Magikarp Jump tip for those starting in the game as there are a few achievements players can get even after only a few hours of playing the game.There are five levels to each achievement and it gets progressively harder each time.

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