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Magikarp Jump Guide: Ways Your Pet Fish Can Die

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Your Magikarp can die in Magikarp Jump. [Image from Pokemon]

After the success of Pokemon GO, it’s doubtful anyone expected to see Magikarp Jump as the next Poke’ mobile game. Despite how odd the concept of raising a Magikarp is, the game is fun in ways other Pokemon games aren’t. It’s more calm, relaxing, and has a number of ways for your little Magikarp to die in horrible fashion.

For the first time in a Pokemon game, your Magikarp can be killed and it’s a weird mix of shocking and hilarious. Shocking, because the first time it happens to you, the realization of actual death in a Pokemon game sinks in. Hilarious, because these deaths can happen out of nowhere and are incredibly random, so players have to be careful with choice.

Gyrados Won’t Save You

Magikarp Jump gives players a number of choices that could result in Poke’ death, and they’re too random to memorize. Kotaku recalled having their Magikarp getting scooped up by a Pidgeotto when attempting to jump and get something. Believe it or not, this game expects you to lose your Magikarp a lot, so don’t get too attached.

Fans have reported really random deaths in the game, from Voltorb explosions to too much training, they’re all unpredictable. This is the Dark Souls of Pokemon games, so expect your fishy friend to die a number of times. It’s an unpredictable mobile game that’s for sure, and those curious should give it a download and see what happens.

Here are some of the events that can kill your Magikarp. Keep in mind that you can’t live in fear and you’re going to have to let the Pokemon do things. Even if it means losing your Pokemon.

  • Old Rod (Magikarp might get lured by a fisherman)
  • Is it Treasure? (One of the treasures can be a Voltorb that will self-destruct)
  • Out of Nowhere (Pidgeotto can take your Magikarp when it tries eating some berries)
  • Hop, Skip & Whump! (Jump too much and a Pidgeotto will eventually take your Magikarp)

Death Becomes You

If you want your friend to live in Magikarp Jump, think really hard about the decisions you should make. You don’t have to train your Magikarp all day, so let it relax and eat some berries once in awhile. Believe it or not, the game still has Shiny Magikarp, so if you didn’t get one in Pokemon GO, you can get it now.

Simply put, this is a morbidly fun game for Pokemon fans, so there is no sure proof way to keep your Magikarp alive. All you can do is train it for competitions and pray that a random Pokemon doesn’t swoop in and eat it. Try not getting too attached to your fishy friend, or be prepared to replace it every few hours.

Magikarp Jump is available now on iOS and Android devices, so you can get it now for free. Anyone tired of Pokemon GO should give it a chance, since it’s a smaller and more relaxing title, with some dark humor.

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