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Magic – The Text Service That Can Grant Your Every Wish

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Image source and credits to Magic by Plus Labs, Inc.

Magic is like a genie from the future, it can grant your wish as long as it’s not illegal

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have a genie that can grant almost all of your wishes? Well, current technology today can help you with that. There?s a new service provider in town that can almost act as if like it was your own personal genie and the name of it is Magic.

Magic text service, the ?technological genie?

Magic is a brand new startup company that provides different types of services for their registered users. You can call it your very own genie?okay maybe not a genie, more like a personal, virtual ?text? assistant.

You can ask different kinds of request?of course you will have to pay for it once it is done. From simple tasks like grocery list, flowers for your girlfriend and buying flight tickets to weird ones like a tiger delivered to a costumer?s door, and many other weird things you can think of, according to techcrunch.

You may think that, ?is this serious? Are they really taking different kinds of orders from people and actually deliver them?? to answer that, well according to their website, yes they will take care of that on your behalf, for a price?depending on how hard your request is I presume.

Mike Chen, Magic Co-founder recently spoke with Techcrunch about the requests that you can ask and he said ?As long as its legal and possible we can do that. it may be expensive, you may want a helicopter to Vegas, but if its possible we will do it.?

As for the delivery charges, it is still uncertain how much should they really charge their subscribers, ?We just started so nothing is really defined right now? Chen told Techcrunch.

How do you join or register?

Registration is actually quite simple, you just text the word ?Magic? and send it to (408)217-1721 and you are done. They will send you a message where you will input your billing information and other necessary details like address, phone number and other important stuff.

To learn more about their services, kindly head to their website or text the number above.

Image source and credits to Magic by Plus Labs, Inc.

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