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Magic the Gathering iOS and Android: Top 4 MtG Lifecounter Apps

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When you?ve forgotten your bag of dice at home and you?re about to start an MtG game (especially in that hostile of environments known as the gaming shop), you need to keep track of your life, your enemies? life and even the poison counters on everyone.

So what do you do?

Well, if you have a smartphone or a tablet, there are a lot of cool (and not cool) apps for tracking MtG stats such as life, opponents? life, poison counters and even EDH commander damage. It?s just up to you what aesthetic you want for your life counter and Magic the Gathering app.

So when you?ve forgotten those dice (or you don?t like using them anyway), here are some life counter apps for iOs and Android:

1. Mutility

If you want an MtG app that looks great on iOS 7 and on your iPhone 5S, this is the app for you. The interface is smooth and modern and it takes after the design aesthetic of most iOS 7-optimized apps and services. No wonky old English font and sorcerous number transitions here?you get one of the most beautiful apps for MtG. You even get a simple dice roller to see who goes first or a random attack. It?s free?but there;s a premium version that lets you use the app better with less taps and swipes with more color themes and functions for $2. Sadly, it?s only available for iOS.

2. Magic the Gathering Toolbox

This is the official Magic the Gathering utility app for iOS and Android, made and developed over at Wizards. It features a life counter, deck builder, card database, art and news. It?s basically everything an MtG player would want in an app?the problem is the app sucks. You have to download the card database after the app installation, it crashes all the time and the design isn?t optimized for the latest iOS version. Unless you want updates from the mother ship natively on your smartphone or tablet, don?t get this app.

3. Magic Life Counter

This is one of the first apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store that was a clear Life Counter app. Saying that, a lot of players may use this already only because they don?t know there are better apps. The interface is clearly for older iOS versions but did not deliver anything pleasing. It?s functional and it?s been working forever with minimal crashes. A big downside is that it only supports up to two players but it has poison counters.

4. MtG Tracker

For the Android players, the MtG Tracker app supports an infinite number of players (theoretically) and looks a lot like a paper and pen system of tracking life. You can add and subtract life and see how much damage you?ve taken in a hit by hit basis. It also includes a dice roller for those Planechase games and it doesn?t crash (unless you set the players to 100).

Do you have better apps or tools for your Magic the Gathering games? Put them in the comments and I?ll see if they?re any better than the ones I?ve posted here!

photo from:?http://archive.wizards.com/Magic/Summoner/

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