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Magic Leap ‘Augmented Reality’ Teaser Video Revealed!

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Image Credits Magic Leap

Head mounted display gadgets are now starting to get even more popular with Oculus? latest VR wearable headset the Oculus Rift DK 2 to its competition, Sony?s Project Morpheus. However, VR headsets are not the only technologically awesome device we have today; holograms are now also being developed, like the Microsoft HoloLens and the mysterious and secretive Magic Leap.

Recently, the mysterious startup backed by Google, Magic Leap, has finally released its teaser for the things we can expect for the finished product.

Magic Leap Concept video released! Watch ?Just Another Day at the Office? below.

Credits to Magic Leap YouTube page

The concept is pretty much the same as the Microsoft HoloLens. Instead of you going inside the game, here on this ?augmented reality? headset, the game itself will cross over the fourth wall and manifest itself into the real world.

This one, Magic Leap, it focuses more on the gaming side of the gadget rather than the other things like work, unlike the HoloLens where they showed the eager fans that you can also use the device for your career. Don?t get me wrong though, on the video, you can clearly see there that you can also use this to check your emails, among other functionality.

Personally, these ?augmented reality? gadgets are much beneficial than the VR headsets. VR headsets are made exclusively for gaming and if my memory serves me correct, they are now developing the technology behind it to use the gadget for movie viewing, like what The Verge reported last January.

It can help you with graphics designing and I bet it will even be more convenient than using a keyboard and mouse to edit the 3D model you are making.

So anyway, this is the only news we?ve got for the mysterious project Magic Leap. They still haven?t disclosed any information regarding the specs of the device or even the full features and functionality it can offer.

Just imagine the possible features these devices can offer to the consumers. Maybe they can also develop this into movie viewing. Imagine hordes of zombies knocking on your front and back door, now that is terrifying.

Image Credits Magic Leap, Image grab by Author

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