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Magic: Can They Really Deliver Anything you Ask?

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Image source and credits to Magic by Plus Labs, Inc.

Magic claims that they can deliver ANYTHING you want but can they really fulfill that? And also, can you trust their services?

Magic is a new text service that promotes hassle free delivery with just a text message. They can and will deliver the things you have ordered, as long as it is legal. But the real question to ask right now is ?should you trust them??

Should you trust Magic and their claim that they can deliver anything you want or need?

When an App or a service claims that they can deliver your every need, it is sometimes normal to be skeptical and doubt their claim. As for the text service Magic, they are saying that you can ?get whatever you want on demand with no hassle.? Of course legality is still an issue here, so expect it when you made an order that is suspicious like ways on how to get out of town or a quick getaway vehicle, they might not accept it.

However, one author from Wired named David Pierce had recently tried the Magic but unfortunately, it wasn?t as good as you would imagine.

David Pierce?s first order was a headphone, to be specific, a JayBird BlueBuds X. So he texted the number and got a text back saying ?Welcome to Magic! Due to high demand, you?ve been placed on our waitlist.? He revealed on his post that he was the #178 on that waiting list and they can move him up if he tweeted and posted about Magic on Facebook. But after a few minutes, his queue still hadn?t changed and he is still on #178.

That was just the first; he made another two more orders. But because of the long queue, he had to pay a certain amount of money for a VIP number just to move up to the waiting list and head straight to ordering a chocolate chip. Yet another disappointment, his delivery didn?t show up and he didn?t get his money back either. And if you guessed it right by now, yes, his third and final order was also a huge disappointment.

So should you?

It is hard not to be skeptical especially when you have read the negative feedback from people who have used the company?s services. But for Magic, for now, it is a gamble whether you should trust them or not, and the odds are more favorable in the ?not trust them? angle.

On the bright side, they are still a startup company and only a few days old. Give it some time and who knows, they might make it big in this line of work. But if I have to be honest, it?s a no for now but if they have managed to increase their manpower, boost up their rep?positive way?and gain more popularity, then maybe that could turn into a yes.

Image source and credits to?Magic?by Plus Labs, Inc.

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