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Mafia 3 Update: How To Change Clothes With 11 New Added Clothes, Microtransaction Also Added?

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Mafia 3 Update

When the third installment of Mafia series was released, there was a big specific request from fans among the decent reviews and reception. Almost every players wanted to be able to change their character?s clothes in the game. On the positive side, the new Mafia 3 update will provide just that.

On the positive side, the update is coming for all players free of charge. In fact, the new Mafia 3 update will add in 11 new outfits that players can use. Under those circumstances, these clothes include action gear and formal attire.

There?s Only Five New Clothes

It is important to realize that six of the 11 outfits had already appeared during Mafia 3?s campaign. In that case, it?s technically five new outfits being added into the game. Players can now roam the streets of New Bordeaux in military gear.

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Even wearing a racing jacket as the players race through down in the Samson Drifter is possible. In addition to adding new clothes and switching clothes function, the Mafia 3 update includes numerous minor changes.

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The update includes UI improvements, improved car reflections, improved streaming issues, and the most important, performance optimization. In fact, audio issues and savegame corruption is also fixed.

In addition, numerous issues for Cassandra?s Contraband missions appears to be fixed as well. Players should expect a smoother gameplay with?less issues here and there.

Mafia 3 Update

Mafia 3 Update: How To Change Clothes

As soon as the players reach the mission ?Somethin? I?ve Got To Do?, these outfits are going to be available as soon as they head towards their safehouse. In addition, any racket hideout the players have taken over also works.

State of the Game

As can be seen, it appears that the developer of Mafia 3, Hangar 13 listened to the players. Mafia 3 had its fair share of criticism from gamers and critics alike for lacking specific features such as the ability to customize their characters in some way.

Furthermore, Mafia 3 is now available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The new Mafia 3 Update, on the other hand, is also available for all platforms.

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