Mafia 3 Update 1.08 Adds Stones Unturned DLC Support And New Features

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mafia 3 update 1.08
The next update adds support for the next DLC Pack. [Image from official Mafia website]

2K Games has released Mafia 3 update 1.08 and it seemingly added support for the Stones Unturned DLC. The update is a bit hefty for players, weighing in at around 8GB, so space is needed. Some new features were also added in the update, so that should keep fans of the title interested in it.

There have been similar updates to the game before, like the one for the Faster Baby DLC a few months ago. Usually, the new features added are part of the story DLC, so expect similar additions in this heavy update. Overall, it should be a good update and it seems like the next DLC is on track for its May release date.

New Features

According to fans on Reddit, the update added a personal vehicle icon to the mini-map, so that’s worth noting. Mafia 3 update 1.08 also lets players turn off the rear-view mirror, something fans have been asking for. Nothing too major was added to the patch, but fans of the game will be pleased with these minor improvements.

Sadly, anyone hoping for a major graphics overhaul is going to be disappointed, since that’s not in this update. Fans had previously complained about some of the graphical inconsistencies, like the odd looking clouds, which got plenty of criticism. As of this writing, the update is mainly for the new DLC Pack coming out on May 30.

Donovan Spotlight

If there is one thing that’s good about Mafia 3 update 1.08, it’s that we can finally know how Donovan became friends with Lincoln. During the main campaign, all fans know is that they went to war together and that’s about it. He’s a nice guy and all, but he mostly acts like Lincoln’s convenient informant on the game’s various story missions.

Despite all the game’s flaws, the presentation of the main story is well done, so here is hoping the DLC campaign has the same standards. Donovan is one of Lincoln’s most loyal allies and the early cutscenes show that he’s with the protagonist till the end. It will be one of the more interesting DLC campaigns of the game, especially with the more war-themed settings.

Mafia 3 is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Fans interested in the game can download the demo now for free. A season pass can currently be purchased for all the DLC, including the upcoming Stones Unturned expansion.

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