Mafia 3 Update 1.07 Adds New Vehicles and Support For ‘Faster Baby’ DLC

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mafia 3 update 1.07
Cars on the run. [Image from the official Mafia 3 website]

Mafia 3 update 1.07 is available now and weighs in at 5GB or more, depending on the system. The update is a big one, as it adds support for the Faster Baby DLC, available for season pass owners. Aside from DLC support, the update adds a number of new features that fans of the game will appreciate.

Once the update is downloaded, there should be a new area called Sinclair Parish that can be accessed. However, only those that bought the season pass or the Faster Baby DLC can go to it. Thankfully, there is extra content given to fans for free, so those not into the DLC have things to try.

Furiously Fast

Hangar 13 have added some cool vehicular features in Mafia 3 update 1.07, according to PlayStation Lifestyle. Lincoln can now throw grenades while driving his car, which is great for escaping enemies. Expect this feature to be prominently used in the DLC pack, which has a big vehicular focus, from what’s been seen.

Also added was the ability to slow down time while on a car, similar to bullet time in Max Payne. This should make driving a bit more exciting and could make for some flashy screenshots, but it might not be too useful. Of course, the Faster Baby DLC could make use of this feature in some way, so it’s too early to call it useless.

Cars, Cars, Cars

Five cars have been added via Mafia 3 update 1.07 and the Faster Baby DLC isn’t needed to use them. Racing has been a fun addition to the game, so having these five vehicles should make the feature even more fun. More vehicles will likely be added when the Faster Baby DLC is released, which should be soon.

Without further ado, here are the five vehicles players can use. It’s not yet known which of them are the best of the best, but players themselves can find out. It will be interesting to see how car enthusiasts react to these vehicles.

  • Eckhart Champion
  • Bulworth Aspen
  • Lassiter Nightcrawler
  • Bulworth Mohican Scout
  • Berkley Freerider

Mafia 3 is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC, as is the US$29.99 season pass for those that want more content. The update size depends on the system, so it could be 5GB or 8GB, which is a lot of space to cover.

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