Mafia 3 Trailer Update: Setting, Synopsis, New Mission Revealed

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A trailer for the third installment to the Mafia game has appeared online and we got the details about it.

It has been five years since the last Mafia game, and finally we can get to see more about the next Mafia game. Mafia 3 was teased last week and an official trailer has been revealed by 2K Games to provide the gamers a look on the new character in the game.

The game is set in the 60?s New Orleans where it will focused on Lincoln Clay as the main protagonist. Picking New Orleans as the game?s location will be more interesting as there were no other games that featured this city as New Orleans has some deep history and culture.

We get to see Lincoln riding on his vehicle to a certain destination, as he tries to tune in to his car radio, we get to see Lincoln talking to someone inside the car, telling about family and loyalty. As he drives along the highway, we get a glimpse of the protagonist?s past, starting as an orphan in an old orphanage that was shut down, to his journey as a war soldier to his first day joining a gang in a city?s pub and the next thing you knew, most of his friends in the gang are killed with the killer standing at the scene. Then we finally get to see who Lincoln was talking to, the same guy who killed his gangster buddies that he considered his ?family?, now all tied-up and ready to meet his execution. As they reached their final destination, Lincoln dragged the killer into the crocodile-infested river, as he about to give the killer the booting, few cars shows up, revealing to be Lincoln?s lieutenants. And finally the killer gets the stab and was pushed to the river, letting him be eaten by the crocodiles, ending the trailer as the crew drives away from the scene.

The soundtrack line up was impressive, with hit songs from the 60?s like The Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black to Jimi Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower playing throughout the trailer gives it a more stylish vibe.

Though one issue with the trailer is that it only showed the cinematic and not much on the gameplay footage, so players will have to wait longer before they can see the game in action. Hopefully we could get more info about the gameplay though 2K Games promised that Mafia 3 will still have the third person shooter gameplay style with open world mechanic.

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