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Mafia 3 Stones Unturned Review: Fan Impressions From The Three-Hour Expansion

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mafia 3 stones unturned
The second DLC story is pretty disappointing. [Image from Steam]

Mafia 3 Stones Unturned is available now, and it has gotten a mixed reaction from those that bought the game. The DLC has been something that fans have been interested in, thanks to the focus on Donovan and Lincoln’s relationship. While fans are praising bits of the story, most see it as a disappointing addition to a fairly flawed game.

Fans on Reddit haven’t been quiet about their opinions of the story expansion, and their gripes are pretty legitimate. Similar reactions were also made for the Faster Baby DLC, despite some good story bits in that story expansion. If the final DLC pack doesn’t impress, it’s safe to say that the third Mafia game is a big disappointment.

Too Many Stones Turned

One of the biggest flaws of Mafia 3 Stones Unturned is it’s short length, running at about two short hours. For US$14.99, fans were expecting it to be a wee bit longer, but alas that isn’t the case for those that played it. This would be more forgivable if there were things to explore, but the Reddit community have stated that the level only has shooting sections.

As if that wasn’t disappointing enough, fans cannot go back to this island once it is finished, so that’s upsetting. Having a unique island was one of the DLC’s selling points, so not being able to explore it feels cheap. While there are a few bounty hunter missions that players can partake in, it seems like the DLC as a whole isn’t worth it.

A Few Positives

Despite the amount of criticisms, Mafia 3 Stones Unturned does have a few positive things for hardcore fans. The shooting might turn off some, but it is more action-packed than Faster Baby and most of the base game’s missions. Seeing Donovan be a badass is also good to see, so we now know what he’s capable of in the field.

Outside of that, there isn’t much that will entertain fans that have beaten the game’s main story, which is longer. There is one more DLC Pack coming out in July, but it might be too little too late for some fans of the game. Hangar 13 will need to do better for the game’s next DLC Pack, or even the next installment of the series.

Mafia 3 Stones Unturned can be downloaded now for those that have the season pass. The main game is out now on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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