Mafia 3 Stones Unturned DLC Release On May 30, What You Need To Know

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mafia 3 stones unturned dlc
What you need to know about the second story expansion. [Image from 2K Games]

Despite average reviews, there is plenty of excitement for the Mafia 3 Stones Unturned DLC coming out on May 30. It will detail a nice little story with Lincoln and Donovan, something fans have wanted for a good while. Donovan’s loyalty to Lincoln is a little murky, so here is hoping that this expansion fleshes it out more.

Since the DLC comes out in a few days, here are a few things fans should know about the expansion. An update that adds support for the DLC has already been released, so players should have little problem installing it in a few days. Fans dug the Faster Baby DLC, so here is hoping that the second story doesn’t disappoint like the main story.

Out of the Motel

Like the previous expansions, the Mafia 3 Stones Unturned DLC will take place before the final events of the game. Most fans know that Donovan only stays in his motel, helping Lincoln out from behind the scenes, always keeping cover. He won’t have that benefit in the second story expansion, which has him recruit Lincoln for a really tough mission.

According to the developers in Hangar 13, Donovan runs into an unorthodox man named Aldridge who wreaks havoc in New Bordeaux. Donovan ran into him in the past, so he knows how dangerous he is and he will need help taking him down. This is where Lincoln comes in, finally returning the favor after everything Donovan has done for him in the main game.

Two Men in an Island

The Mafia 3 Stones Unturned DLC will have a beautiful new island to partake in, which is similar to Vietnam. Lincoln and Donovan became friends during the war, so this should be a nice way to get them together. It’s also one of the few non-city environments in the game, adding some much needed variety to the shooting.

Mafia 3’s campaign got a bit repetitive, especially when similar objectives were repeatedly used in different missions. Having an environment like this should make the game feel more diverse than before, and should be a nice change of pace. Fans can only hope that the DLC is as fun as the concept makes it.

Weapons Galore

Since Lincoln and Donovan are gonna face an enemy stronger than an ordinary thug, we will see new weapons introduced. Hangar 13 confirmed that the Mafia 3 Stones Unturned DLC will have RPGs, turreted vehicles, and sniper support. The main game limited the destruction that could be unleashed, so this should be fun.

Mafia 3 is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The season pass is US$29.99 and gives players access to all the story expansions, which can be purchased separately. Faster Baby is available now, while Stones Unturned comes out in May 30. The final pack, Sign of the Times, comes out in July.

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