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Mafia 3: How Lincoln Clay’s Decisions Affect New Bordeaux

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Mafia 3

The Mafia 3 release is approaching, and more details about the upcoming game are surfacing rapidly. Game developer Hanger 13 has already confirmed that the protagonist Lincoln Clay?s decisions will have an impact on the game?s story, but new details suggest that the changes are not limited to the protagonist himself. According to the game developer, Lincoln?s decision will affect the entire gameplay and the open world.

Mafia 3 will follow a story that features Clay tackling many criminal ecologies actively working in nine districts of New Bordeaux. The city is a recreation of 1968?s New Orleans. Players will be allowed to alter the structure of criminal activities, and their decisions will influence the available options in the city. Clay?s choices will affect his relationships with other key members of the game. Whether they?re allies or underbosses, if Clay fails to keep them happy, they can switch sides and expose the player to danger.

According to the developer, if the underbosses in Mafia 3 feel like they are being betrayed by the player, the allies won?t take time in turning into enemies.

In the upcoming game, Lincoln Clay?s a Vietnam War veteran who struggles to rule the criminal world and takes down Sal Marcano. The protagonist will meet many key characters in the game, and among these are three Mafia 3 underbosses. The trio includes Cassandra, Thomas Burke and Vito Scaletta. These people will support Clay on his journey, but their relationships might not last long if Lincoln doesn?t keep them happy. It is also important for the players to keep these characters happy because each of these underbosses have special abilities.

Mafia 3 is not just about killing; players will also be able to hand over their rackets to underbosses, and these characters will favor Lincoln in return. However, keeping all of the underbosses happy all the time is not necessary, but what they can bring to you matters a lot to your progress in the game. Regarding this refreshing concept, the game?s creative director Haden Blackman told Kotaku that ?the goal was to have the player torn between greed and loyalty.?

Mafia 3 made a lot of buzz at E3 this year. The game is slated for an October 7 release.

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