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Mafia 3 Gamescom 2016 Trailer ?The Heist?

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Mafia 3 The Heist Trailer

Updated: The video has now been made available to the public. You can watch it below.

2K Games is launching a Mafia 3 Gamescom 2016 trailer called The Heist. The company shared the news, suggesting for fans to tune in to their Gamescom reveal. Additionally, fans can find some new details about the game this week. On the company?s official website, new details about the game?s story are available.

Mafia 3 is coming at Gamescom with a brand new trailer. Those interested in watching it live can join the company online today at 9AM ET. The company has not shared any specific details about what?s coming in the new trailer, but the previously launched trailers and game features are enough to assure fans that Mafia 3 is going to make some noise at the event.

On its official website, the company shared some new details about the game?s story. A little more about Lincoln Clay and his past can be seen in the case history and evidence. The images on the game?s website show that New Bordeaux is one of the most dangerous places, and the darker side of the city is extremely hellish.

The game will feature drug, sex money and mobs involved in crimes. The nine districts of the whole region will be controlled by different gangs. In the last couple of months, the studio showcased trailers featuring the gameplay elements and key characters including the Voodoo Queen.

Now that the Mafia 3 Gamescom 2016 trailer is coming, the developer has shared some more info about the game, suggesting that the Vietnam War veteran Clay is a target of the FBI. The agency is looking for him as he has many criminal charges including murder, extortion and robbery.

Clay?s activities in the city are already under the radar of the administration, which can also be seen in the previously released gameplay trailers. Those who wish to watch the Mafia 3 Gamescom 2016 The Heist trailer can catch it on the game?s official YouTube channel. We will also insert the video in this article once it becomes available.

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