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Mafia 3 Gameplay At E3 2016: All New Features Revealed

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Mafia 3

As expected, 2K?s Mafia 3 made an appearance at E3 2016. Fans were graced with a new gameplay trailer that shows off more of the upcoming open-world game, which looks to be a formidable competitor in the genre. There?s a lot to absorb in the trailer, but we have a rundown of them. Here?s what we know so far about the Mafia 3 gameplay.


As Lincoln Clay, players will be tasked with taking on the mobs at New Bordeux. Helping Clay are three mob underbosses that will be integral to the game: Cassandra, Burke and Vito Scaletta. We?ve yet to know to what extent these three will help out Clay, but they?re sure to be big game changers. Cassandra, for example, allows Clay to call in a mobile weapons shop anywhere.

New Bordeux is Huge

Although 2K is yet to reveal just how big New Bordeux is, the open-world is looking pretty impressive as it will feature a total of 10 different districts that are different from one another. Players can explore well-developed cities, fancy housing districts as well as rural areas.

Several Paths To A Main Objective

In one part of the gameplay trailer, players were tasked with taking out a guy named Uncle Lou. To make the mission easier, the player decides to first take out Lou?s financial supplier, Oscar Sabato. Players can go in guns blazing, but they could also choose a stealthier approach.


The Mafia 3 gameplay is similar to other games in its genre like GTA 5, but there?s still some differences as well. For starters, enemies can call in reinforcements anytime as long as there?s a phone nearby. Luckily, Clay can call in help with the aid of Vito. There will be insta-kill moves in the game and cover will play a vital role for the player?s survival.


Players will also be tasked with assigning one of the underbosses to be the leader in any of the districts Lincoln will claim. It?s not going to be an easy task as one of the Mafia 3 gameplay features requires the player to keep Clay?s new mob family together, and with the underbosses getting into heated arguments with each other, things could easily take a turn for the worse.

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