Mafia 3 Driving Mechanics: Is It Fun?

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Some of Mafia 3?s driving mechanics have already been introduced in previous trailers of the game and it often borders into action movie material. There?s more than just plainly maneuvering your car in the game as it has features such as the ?driving like a madman? feature ?where you can interrogate or scare normal and important characters in-game. Other than that, will the Mafia 3 Driving Mechanics be fun?

According to ?a developer diary video posted on the official Mafia Game Youtube channel, the Mafia 3 Driving Mechanics will be more similar to a stunt driver in a Hollywood movie. The cars in Mafia 3 will also be affected by the terrain it drives on. Moreover, the vehicles will have a certain feel of weight that makes drifting reasonably difficult and satisfying if done correctly . Design Director Matthias Worch likened feel of driving in Mafia 3 driving to Bullitt, a ?60s Hollywood movie that is famous for its car chase scene. PCGamer has compiled clips from the movie if you don?t have an idea of this old reference.

Slowly tailing vehicles which then erupts into a frantic chase might be what Mafia 3 is aiming for during the driving portions of their game. In a way, this employs a tactical feel of drag racing where both vehicles make use of public roads without regard for traffic rules to elude or apprehend each other. Other than just car chases, the trailer also shows a cinematic shot of a drive-by shooting, which may also be added in the game.

Other than car chases, car interrogation was previously confirmed in Mafia 3. As seen from IGN?s video, protagonist Lincoln Clay shoves a person into a car and performs both reckless driving and interrogation while eluding other chasers. Driving recklessly scares and shocks the interrogated person into spilling the information needed by Clay. The player then has the choice to either let the person go or shoot them in the head. More than just driving and surviving your way through areas, Mafia 3 has definitely included new ways of using cars in an Open World game, but it?s up to you if you enjoy the new action-oriented systems in this game.

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