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Mafia 3 DLC: Introduces Car Race, 10 More Cars, and More Ways of Car Customizations

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Mafia 3 DLC

Christmas is a few days early for Mafia 3 fans following 2K Game?s release of free Mafia 3 DLC. As a matter of fact, the players can now enter in-game car races and unlock more cars in the process. Unlocked cars can also be customized with various special parts, as well as decals.

Free Mafia 3 DLC Contents

Apparently, the new Mafia 3 update will give the players a break from killing other gangs. Players can now join the in-game car race as a free DLC for the game. In addition, 10 new classic racing cars are also added in the game.

With the new cars available in the game, players can also customize their chosen car with various designs such as stickers, as well as decals. Special parts for the said cars are also available which will make the car stand out from the others. These special parts include wheels, spoilers, superchargers, and exhausts.

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2K Games is generous enough to provide 50 free customization items to Mafia 3. And according to 2K Games, these enhancements are their token of gratitude for the positive response of the gamers in the community. In addition, a lot of players have requested the said customization feature which pushed 2K Games even more.

Mafia 3 Racing Cars

Mafia 3 DLC

Mafia 3 players can acquire 10 new vehicles, six of which can be earned throughout the Mafia 3 gameplay. Meanwhile, one of the four cars acts as the winning prize when a player wins first place in a race. The remaining three new cars are available to the players owns the Family Kick-Back Pack.

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However, players are required to progress through the Mafia 3 gameplay before they can unlock its racing mode. Players will have to hold their first sit-down meeting with all three lieutenants first. Furthermore, race events are marked on the map which will allow the players to participate in a race.

Other Mafia 3 Update Contents

Meanwhile, 2K games have also added new outfits for Lincoln. People who would link their My2K accounts to their game accounts will also get the suit for the said character. In addition, players will also land themselves a powerful custom revolver.

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