Mafia 3: Best New Features You Should Know

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Mafia 3

Mafia 3 from 2K Games is slated for release this 2016. IGN has some footage of the gameplay which shows that the upcoming game will mostly focus on offensive and confrontational playstyles.

Here?s the video from IGN.

Interrogation by Reckless Driving

The gameplay video showcases the protagonist, Lincoln Clay, interrogating the driver of a stolen car by driving recklessly until the thief spills the info out of panic. Players will have to max out a meter to make their target spill the info they need. Drifting, close calls, collisions and ramp jumping are some of the tricks to shake the driver up. Players can choose to kill or spare the target, but each option currently has no confirmed benefits.

Takedowns for the Unsuspecting and Weak Characters

In the trailer, Lincoln Clay was able to kill an unsuspecting character by directly bashing his head on cement, and he finished off damaged foes with a lethal takedown.

Mafia 3 feels more like an action movie in its fight scenes that were teased in the trailer so far. With Clay?s soldier training and experience, he disposes enemy thugs and mobs easily and quickly. Clay?s ambidextrous aiming is also an advantage which results in quick grenade throws, as seen in the drug den portion of the video.

Multiple Endings

While only the foundation of Mafia 3?s lore has been established, multiple endings has been confirmed in around the 7:50 video mark. Regarding the lore, the IGN video explains that Mafia 3?s Italian Mob has betrayed the Black Mob, so Lincoln Clay is aiming to take them down and establish his own criminal empire. The Mafia 3 trailer expands this idea as Lincoln is seen feeding a dapper mobster to the crocodiles. It?s hinted that the mobster had a hand in killing Clay?s family, so the game?s story might be a quest for revenge or justice.

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