Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Shows Artist’s Dwindling Mental Health? ‘Sexually Harasses’ Fan Onstage?

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Madonna has been in Australia for a few days now as part of her Rebel Heart tour. However, unlike the expectations from the fans, she has also been in the headlines several times this week for negative issues. Recently, the pop star ?sexually harassed? a fan she brought to the stage during her concert in Brisbane.

Last Thursday night, Madonna took centerstage at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Australia, and as she performed in front of thousands of attendees, the singer invited a woman from the crowd to step onto the stage alongside with her.

?She?s the kind of girl you just want to slap? on the a**,? the pop star started as she seemed to be flirting with the fan. ?And pull,? she added before actually pulling the woman?s tube down to expose her breast, as reported by Billboard.

Madonna then proceeded by acting like she did not intend to do it. ?Oh s**t! I didn?t. I didn?t. I?m sorry, sexual harassment,? she claimed. The singer even encouraged the fan to do the same to her before gesturing to her tights and saying, ?You want to make my hole big again?? that made the crowd burst out laughing.

Although the woman acted like she was okay with what the singer did, it cannot be denied that Madonna really did commit sexual harassment. In addition, it was not the first time the pop star was in the headlines because of her tour. Prior to that incident, she also made her way to the news when she appeared on one of her concerts more than two hours late, according to a separate report by Billboard.

According to the outlet, the show was originally scheduled to start at 9 p.m. But, Madonna arrived at the venue and started her performance at around 11:20 p.m. Furthermore, instead of making apologies to the remaining fans (because other attendees have already gone home), the singer just joked around saying, ?We started late – that hardly ever happens. You were here too early.? She then added, ?You should have taken your time doing your hair and makeup. Then I wouldn?t have been late.?

Clearly, Madonna?s Rebel Heart tour is creating noise not only in Australia, but around the globe as well. However, it is in a very inappropriate way as she gained negative publicity. The pop star is in Sydney right now to continue her tour in the country and she will be performing on Saturday and Sunday at the Allphones Arena.

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