Who Is Madison Channing Walls? 5 Facts About Javi Marroquin’s New Girlfriend

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PHOTOGRAPH: diamondatxphoto/Tumblr | Kailyn Lowry’s ex Javi confirms he’s dating ‘Real World’ star Madison Channing Walls.

Javi Marroquin has finally moved on from Kailyn Lowry. The latest Teen Mom news reveals Lowry’s baby daddy has confirmed that he is dating Madison Channing Walls of Real World: Skeletons. If you’re not a viewer of the latter’s MTV reality show, we assume she may not be familiar to you. So to get more acquainted with Javi Marroquin’s new girlfriend, we’ve listed five facts about her below. Keep reading!

1. Walls is from Austin, Texas.

She was 23 when she first joined the 30th season of Real World. There isn’t much known about her early life, but The Hollywood Gossip states that she’s a former child actress.

2. Walls was a recovering heroin addict when she first joined the reality series.

Teen mom newsmadiichanning/Instagram

Teen Mom News: Javi Marroquin’s new lady was once addicted to heroin.

During her time on The Real World, which aired on MTV from Dec. 16, 2014, to March 10, 2015, her “skeletons” or the people from her past whom she had unresolved issues with were former acquaintances who suffered due to her addiction. They include her step sister Rachel, who arrived at the house in the 11th episode, and ex Skyler, who arrived at the house on the 12th episode.

She’s been clean and sober for two years now.

3. She’s a single mom.

Javi Marroquin’s new girlfriend, now 26, shares a daughter named Harper with her former MTV roommate, Tony Raines. According to Intouch Weekly, they both appeared on Real World: Skeletons together before dating and conceiving the child. She gave birth to Harper in February 2016.

Be an encourager the world has plenty of critics already

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Reports have it that the ex-couple’s relationship fizzled due to long distance after the reality show ended. The Folsom, Louisiana native also got back with her former girlfriend, Alyssa, and now has a second baby girl. Madison is currently raising Harper on her own.

4. Marroquin and Walls debuted their relationship on social media.

News that they are dating started to circulated when the Teen Mom 2 star uploaded an adorable photo of him with the fellow MTV star on Instagram on March 19. While the selfie shows them with their heads touching, it wasn’t really the post that had people talking. Walls also posted a photo of them on her page, with their arms wrapped around each other and huge smiles on their faces.


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5. She has a strong social media presence.

Speaking of social media, Walls actively updates her fans with the latest happenings in her life through her Instagram page. She has posted over 900 photos and has more than 266,000 followers so far.

What do you think of the latest Teen Mom news? Do you think Javi Marroquin’s new girlfriend is a good match for Lowry’s baby daddy? Let us know in the comments section below!

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