Madden 17 Will Satisfy Casual And Hardcore Fans

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Madden 17

EA Sports will launch its new football game Madden 17 this year. The company is making many new improvements to the upcoming game and Electronic Arts has been revealing many new details about the gameplay for the last couple of weeks. According to the game designer, the upcoming American football game will satisfy both the hardcore fans and casual gamers. The developer highlighted some interesting details suggesting that the new game will teach players how to use the new features.

During an interview, game designer Clint Oldenburg revealed that Madden 17 features will have an option that will help players of any skill level learn using them. Oldenburg told GameInformer that adding new features into the game makes it more complex and that can become hard for new players. ?We want to have a way to teach a new person how to use it (new features),? he added.

When asked about how the game will serve hardcore fans and casual gamers, Oldenburg said the players can definitely learn something new if they spend some time with the game. ?According to the developer, the upcoming game will feature three different gameplay settings. The three settings will be Auto, Assist and Manual. The developer confirmed that the Auto settings will be for rookie and pro players, while the Assist settings will be for the players of all skill sets. The Manual settings will be in the game for all pro Madden players.

Citing the example of a feature called Ball Carrier Mechanics, Oldenburg said that if players want to learn the feature in a better way, they should choose Auto or Assist settings. By choosing any of these settings, players will be able to know about the coverage, the timing, and it will help all pro Madden players learn how to use the feature.

Madden 17 release is scheduled for August 23, 2016. The game will be available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The company has debunked the rumored PC release of the game.

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