Madden 17 Update 1.11: Patch Notes For PS4 And Xbox One Revealed By EA

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madden 17 update 1.11
Promotional image for Madden 17. [Image from PlayStation]

EA has announced the patch notes for Madden 17 update 1.11 and it’s a solid one fans will appreciate. The sports game was well-received, but it was no stranger to glitches and bugs, along with weird animations. It’s a common complaint found in various sports games, so it’s good to see an update from EA.

We also saw the last update tweak the game, but some new problems were found after that one came out. Sadly, it’s a common problem with today’s video games, and it’s not even limited to the realm of sports. Problems might persist even after this update, but at least some issues and annoyances have been solved for the time being.

Patch Notes

All the details for the Madden 17 update 1.11 were revealed on the game’s official Facebook page. Admittedly, it’s not the biggest update in the world, but it does solve some issues, like the one that involves an offensive tackle. Players of the game can only hope that this is the last update Madden 17 gets, though that seems unlikely.

Gameplay Improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where the offensive tackle would play a blocking animation without engaging with a defensive player
  • Addressed a bug that caused the gameplay speed inside of Gauntlet, Skills Trainer, and Franchise Game Planning Drills to be extremely slow

Madden Ultimate Team

  • Addressed a bug where a user’s profile settings weren’t being honored in Play-a-Friend games
  • For online MUT and Draft Champions games, the three-letter team name shown in the score hud will now represent the first three letters of your team name just as it does in Solo Challenges
  • To update this, you can enter Madden Ultimate Team, go to the “Team” tab and choose the Rename Team tile

Stability Issues

  • Addressed the issue where declining a Live Commentary Update (LCU) and powering on from rest mode could cause significant lag in the menus and in-game
  • Other minor stability improvements

As players can see, these improvements are quite good and should make the game more fun than it was before. This might not fix every problem that players might have with the game, but at least something has been done. It’s doubtful that this will be the last update, since this is a sports title in modern gaming, but anything can happen.

Madden 17 update 1.11 is available for download now, so those with the game should have instant access to it. The main game is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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