Madden 17 Tips For Beginners: From Zone Assignments To Avoiding Quarterback Fumbles

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Madden 17 is out and many have been missing homeworks, sleep and their social life for the past week. But a lot of people have figured out how to be better in the game. If you have been missing out some play time in the virtual gridiron, here?s some Madden 17 tips for beginners.

Madden 17 has new things that are not available in previous iterations. Like the latter, it pushes the envelope towards realism. So even if you were good at Madden 16, you?d find nuances in the new game.

Carrying Tips

Now, there are attribute-based ball-carrier moves. This limits the spamming of moves. This requires you to get to know your ball carrier and things that they do well or not to get the best out of them. As Brian Mazique of Forbes pointed out, if your running back is not rated with a high juke ability or elusiveness, you are likely to run into problems when you play him like he does.

Knowing their abilities and attributes would allow you to use your special moves better. Each ball-carrier move can be enhanced holding a trigger/back button. Power moves are better used with the LT/L2 modifier. Speed moves are better used with the RT/R2 button. You will need to mix up your playing style and your moves depending on who is carrying the ball and the situation you find him in.

Quarterback Fumble

Most quarterbacks have low carrying rating. A low stamina also increases the chance of a fumble. So, if you are trying to run with your QB, you better slide before getting hit to avoid turnover. In the pocket, Madden 17 added new ball physics mechanic. Mazique observed that when a quarterback is in the middle of a throwing motion and gets hit in his arm by pass rushers, this increases the chance of a fumble. This, he says, is quite noticeable and he saw two cool dynamics. If the arm gets hit while it is moving forward, it will likely be an incomplete pass. If it hasn?t began to move forward yet, a fumble is highly likely.

Pocket awareness is very important now more than ever. Also, throwing time is key. You might want to acquaint yourself with your QB?s pass release time. If you get caught in the midst of your throwing motion, you risk a turnover.

Defense: Zone Assignments and Air Attack Defense

Madden 17 developers improved the AI of CPU-controlled defensive players. ?Should you choose to control someone who has a zone assignment, be sure to know where his zone assignment is. If you stray too far, you might open up opportunities for the opposing team to make big plays. Also, when defending against air attacks especially in man-to-man jump-ball situations, it is better to swat the ball or make contact with the receiver. Going after interceptions is not recommended if you are going up against elite receivers. A better way to go for the pick is when your cornerback is already crowding the receiver and you are controlling the safety.

That?s some Madden 17 tips for beginners. Also, this might help you out too–the top 5 playbooks.

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