Madden 17: How Pro Quarterback Michael Vick Influenced Rating Decisions

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Madden 17

Michael Vick is one of the most played player in Madden games in the previous console generations. The Falcon star has been one of those unstoppable players in real life and in the video game. Now that EA Sports is gearing up to launch Madden 17, the developers said they have learned a lot on how Vick rocked the Madden games before and are using him as baseline on making player rating decisions in the upcoming title. Clint Oldenburg, a professional football player who is actively involved in the game?s development, revealed that the sequel to Madden 16 will have rating adjustments to keep the gameplay balanced.

A couple of years ago, Vick has been one of the most powerful quarterback players in the Madden games. The footballer has a lot of abilities that sometimes make people feel that he?s overpowered in the game. Talking about Madden 17 gameplay, Oldenburg told GamesRadar that rating ranges is something the developers always want to keep on top of their priorities. He said that Vick?s abilities are incredible, and the studio added some features in the previous games to maintain the balance.

?So if a QB comes out of the draft with a 99 speed rating, A, B and C is done in the game engine to make sure everything is balanced,? said Oldenburg during the interview.

Oldenburg is not involved in the ratings aspect for the game, but he revealed some interesting facts. He said that he was introduced to a new rating list by one of the development team members. He also said that he found Weston Richburg?s name in the middle of the list, and he asked the developers to give him an increase as the player did perfectly well in the last year?s game.

Madden games have never had a quarterback like Vick, and it seems that the studio is taking notes of how the player has performed in the past. EA has already revealed a lot of gameplay features that are coming to Madden 17, and if the studio successfully delivers on its promises, this year?s game would be enough to keep the players busy until Madden 18 arrives, which has already been confirmed by EA.

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