Madden 17 Player Ratings: Somebody Makes A Spreadsheet To Help Us All

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Madden 17 maniacs, here?s one for you. Somebody made a spreadsheet for all Madden 17 player ratings. This makes it easier to know who to get to spruce up your franchise. Not only that, but who to be wary of when playing against another team. Also, if you could find time, you could bash EA Sports for unrealistic ratings for some players.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet.

Who do we thank? It?s this person on reddit: McElwaine. He/she though gave credit to the actual guy who had the time, skills, patience, endurance and the X factor to push through with the daunting project. This guy.


So, all credits and praises to him.

The Madden 17 player ratings could be useful to many gamers. You can save it in your phone or tab. You can even even print it out if you want to and use it for easy reference. These things really go without saying. Now, you can avoid going into menus and save up on valuable button pushes.

Reddit Rants: Unfair Ratings

Many users point out ratings that they did not agree with in Reddit. One commenter is baffled that Chandler Jones, the brother of UFC Interim Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, is quite underrated. He led, the Philadelphia Eagles, with 12.5 sacks and scored an interception in the 2015 season. He has overall rating of 82. The reddit, Philliefan12, added that Jordan Hicks is ?CRIMINALLY? underrated. He is rated 74 overall despite providing an impressive rookie performance in the 2015 season. His first career sack came at the expense of Tony Romo who broke his collarbone as a result.

User wuer also does not agree how Eli Manning is the 22nd best quarterback in the NFL. Many do not agree also and i sparked a debate.

Do you agree with these ratings? Leave your comments below.

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