Madden 17 Player Ratings: Some Players Underrated, Others Overrated?

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One man or two have helped other players have their Madden 17 player ratings handy. Shaun Mason created a spreadsheet detailing all Madden 17 player ratings and he made it available for all to use. He posted his spreadsheet on Twitter.

It wasn?t well liked or promoted. So, Reddit user McElwaine, gave it a boost on Reddit and started a good discussion about how player ratings are not quite reflective of players skills and form. There is a general trend that EA Sports had cut down all the player ratings but fans are not too delighted with how some NFL players are ranked. Some players are seen as quite underrated, some overrated and some just are plain ?why??.

One user expressed his disbelief that (SS) Andrew Sendejo of the Vikings is ranked higher than (MLB) Eric Kendricks. Sendejo is ranked overall at 78 while Kendricks is at 76. Last season, Sendejo had only 60 combined tackles while Kendricks has 92. Sendejo had 0.5 sacks while Kendrick had 4.0. These stats alone show that Kendricks played better than Sendejo last season. This, in many Madden 17 players? minds, should warrant Kendricks getting ranked higher than Sendejo.

Fans have also criticized how (RG) Kyle Long, a 3-time Pro Bowler is ranked only at 79. He did not have a stellar season as he played a different position last year and this may have affected it. But if he comes back to his original position, shouldn?t he have scored higher? Well, this is pretty debatable as well.

The lower Madden 17 player ratings are expected to play a bigger role this outing. It may mean that other teams and players can overcome star players. It would seem that nobody can superstar spam and score or defend at will. Now, there could be more resistance and, well, more exciting games.

What do you think? Do you agree with the whole trend of lowering the Madden 17 player ratings? Do you find many players that are overrated? Underrated? Do you find ratings that do not make sense at all? Leave your comments below.

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