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Madden 17 PC Release Debunked By EA Sports

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Madden 17

EA Sports has now officially clarified that a Madden 17 PC version is nothing more than a rumor. According to a company spokesperson, the game is not heading to PC and the listing on Amazon was an error. EA has not released any NFL game on PC for a long time now, but there have been rumors about the game?s release for the platform this year.

The last Madden game released on PC was Madden 08, and since then, the company has ditched the PC, and all of its games in the Madden franchise have been focused on consoles. A few days back, the game?s pre-order listing on Amazon indicated that the studio is about to break the rules this time by releasing Madden 17 on PC. Later, the company?s spokesperson told Forbes that the listing was a mistake, as EA Sports has no plans to release the game on PC.

During E3 2016, game developer EA Sports revealed new details about the upcoming game. From revamped gameplay, to several improvements and addition of new features, Madden 17 will bring a fresh experience for franchise fans this year.

The studio has already confirmed the new broadcast duo that will take over the commentary part in the new game. The pair will also unleash fresh updates every week.

EA has also made changes in the Franchise mode called Play the Moment. The newly introduced system will enable players to dive into the season?s highlights.

EA has confirmed the Madden 17 release for August 23. After announcing many new improvements and gameplay changes, the demand for the game from PC fans was obvious, and Amazon?s listing fueled the hopes among PC gamers. However, now that the studio has already made its stand clear about the game?s platform support, PC players should not wait for a Madden 17 PC version anymore.

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