Madden 17 News: EA Sports Confirms Three-Year-Plan For Sequels

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Madden 17

An exciting Madden 17 news has come out from EA Sports, and it states that the game developer already has plans for the next three Madden titles. The company has confirmed the sequels and indicated that they?ve always had a three-year plan for the series. According to the team, there are high-level goals for the next Madden games.

Since 1988, when EA launched its first Madden game, the company has been introducing new titles every year. This year?s highly anticipated Madden 17 release is just around the corner, and game producer Seann Graddy revealed that an advance team is working on the sequels. During an interview with GamesRadar, he revealed that all the major improvements they make are a result of the work done by this advance team.

EA?s Brian Murray said that the team has already started working on Madden 18. The studio is working on some high-level goals, and it has outlined a rough priority list for next year?s Madden game. According to the developer, they have a Madden sequel meet every week to work on future games in the series. ?Presentation wise, we always have a roughed out three-year plan,? Murray said.

Meanwhile, professional footballer and game developer Clint Oldenburg believes that Madden is unstoppable. According to him, he has ideas for the game for the next 10 years. Oldenburg said that there are a lot of things EA can do with the series. As a footballer and a game developer, he analyzes the real and virtual gameplay to identify the opportunities where they can make improvements.

EA Sports has already impressed fans with the Madden 17 gameplay improvements. The game is bringing some new features, but there are still some areas where the players want to see improvements. According to Oldenburg, the company certainly wants to bring changes such as defensive assignments and online team play which fans want to see in Madden games. He said that the team has limitations in time and resources, which is why the developer has to alter their priorities. However, Oldenburg assured fans that the company is listening to them. He told GameInformer that the studio agrees with what fans want, and those requested features will be added in time.

Oldenburg also said that they can?t jam all the features fans want in their yearly titles. ?In some cases, [a feature] will fit better with a feature set of a specific year,? Oldenburg told GameInformer.

Madden 17 will be released on August 23 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Xbox One players with EA Access can try the game ahead of its release.

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