Madden 17: New Features Revealed By EA Sports

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Madden 17

After being in the news since Tuesday?s pricey settlement with Jim Brown, EA Sports has revealed new Madden 17 features. The game developer has confirmed some new features and improvements in the old equipment. The company states that the American football game will have lots of new presentations and equipment from various brands from around the world. From helmets to facemasks, gloves to cleats, Madden 17 will feature many new accessories.

On its official website, EA Sports confirmed that a bunch of fresh and upgraded equipment is coming this year. The company said that the new accessories in Madden 17 will visually separate each player and will bring more realism to the game. To make the in-game characters look more like their real-life counterparts, EA is adding One Arm Sleeves, gloves, and shoes. The company is also upgrading the already available Wrist-Tape options according to the teams? primary and secondary colors. EA is also upgrading the Ankle-Tape options which will now be called Half-Spat and Full-Spat.

Along with the gear of players, EA Sports has added new ones for coaches as well. The 12 new gear packages will be available for coaches which can be used while customizing the coaches. The developer has also introduced a new NFL Sidelines gear for coaches. According to EA, the new equipment in Madden 17 are a ?big visual upgrade? which will bring more authenticity to the game.

EA also stated that the company used its latest equipment scanning technology to choose and add new licensed gear from various NFL-approved providers, and the company also updated the existing gear. The company suggests that Madden 17 will be the most complete Madden game ever. The studio also hinted at the future of the Madden game series, suggesting that it has set a foundation for the equipment this year by adding and improving the presentation and gears.

With all the new features, Madden 17 is ready to be released on August 23 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The company has already debunked the rumors regarding the game?s PC release.

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