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Madden 17 Mobile Update: Gameplan Issues Being Investigated, New Features In November Patch Revealed

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Madden 17 Mobile Update

EA Tiburon has revealed the upcoming?Madden 17 mobile update and has also confirmed that they are working on the gameplan counters issues. Those who are facing problems with gameplay can expect an update very soon. Meanwhile, the game?s lead designer Danny Doeberling has revealed what?s coming in the November update. The next update will focus on gameplay tuning and inbox improvements and will pave the way for future additions.

In the company?s official blog, Doeberling said that there will be some twists in the future, and the upcoming Madden 17 mobile update will make the way for those changes. Here?s what you can expect from EA.?

Madden 17 Mobile Update

Concept art image shared by the company.

Inbox Improvements

For mobile players, EA is making sure that they won?t miss any event in the future. Players after this update will be able to see the schedule and the perks associated. The mobile game will become more personalized with the new updates as EA will enable players to set reminders and customize the features depending on their own priorities.

Gameplay Tuning

As detailed by lead designer Doeberling, EA has tweaked pass tuning and turnover frequency in various game modes. ?This season of Madden NFL Mobile has emphasized the importance of improving gameplay and we are committed to doing so throughout the rest of the season,? said the developer.

What Else?

The game will now feature a Quarterback slide button to help players avoid the big hit. The new feature will help players have more grip on the controls, and the chances of fingers to slip will be reduced. The company is also updating the League chat by adding the ability to show earned payers instantly.

Additionally, the Madden 17 mobile update will make some balancing changes and fixes to the game. According to EA, some major events and features are also coming with the next Madden 17 update, but players will have to wait for the official statement.

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