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Madden 17 Gameplay Footage From EA Play 2016 Released

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Madden 17

With the NFL season a couple of months away, EA Sports has officially lifted the curtain on Madden 17. The latest installment in the best-selling American Football franchise was on display at EA Play in Los Angeles last week.

Madden 17 Introduces New Presentation Changes

Some of the first gameplay footage from the event has already made its way online. Released by YouTuber MoonlightSwami, the clip shows off Madden 17?s revamped in-game presentation and play-by-play commentary. Recent entries in the series have been criticized for the generic lines and monotonous delivery style of their commentary duo: Jim Nantz and Phil Simms.

In response, EA Sports is finally addressing this issue by introducing an all-new announcing team. In Madden 17, play-by-play duties will be handled by Brandon Gaudin, while Charles Davis steps into the analyst role. Response to the duo?s voice work in the EA Play footage has been pretty solid so far, with many YouTube commenters praising the changes. Let?s hope that continues in the final game.

?I don’t want to be somebody who goes in, gets handed a script, reads it, flies back to Atlanta and then comes back and does the same thing again later,” said Gaudin during the announcement of his appointment. “I want to be invested on the ground level and the ground floor, to be involved with the design of it and the script writing, and that was their vision, too.

Aside from the new voices in the commentary booth, EA Sports is promising huge changes to Madden 17?s franchise mode. Called ?Play the Moment,? the new system allows players to quickly jump into a season and play through all the key highlights.

?Experience Franchise faster than ever. ?Jump into game-defining plays, drives and situations that matter to you, speeding up your experience and delivering more fun. ?For players who want to span their career the entire 30 years but are limited in time, Play the Moment will be your new way to play,? reads the official Madden 17 blog.

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