Madden 17: Everything We Know So Far

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Madden 17

Madden 17 is one of the upcoming games which sports fans are really excited about. The Madden NFL franchise has been one of the most successful sports games across countless platforms and the latest installment by EA Sports looks to continue the trend. There has not been a lot of news about Madden 17 but we can certainly expect more and more details to pop up as the game?s release date draws closer.

Release Date

According to GameStop, the upcoming Madden 17 game is expected to be released on August 23 on the PS4. Expect the same release date for the game on other platforms such as for the Xbox 360.

Cover Athlete

The cover athlete of the Madden NFL games is certainly always a very hot topic. This year, EA Sports has selected New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski. The player popularly known as ?Gronk? is certainly one of the biggest superstars in the NFL and it remains to be seen if the Madden curse will be able to have any effect on him.


New Features

EA is always looking to make Madden NFL games more realistic than ever and this year they are stepping it up even further. According to their official EA website, there are several new upgrades that you can expect to find on Madden 17.

Among the latest changes that will be added is the new one arm sleeves, gloves and footwear of the players. This makes the appearance of the players even more realistic than ever.

The new gear available will not only be available for players as Madden 17 will also have accessories for coaches too. This will make certainly be a very welcome change as the addition will certainly improve the overall realism of the upcoming NFL game.

So, are you excited about Madden 17 already? Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Madden 17 as well as other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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