Mad Max Video Game Trailer Released: Open World Feel, Customized Vehicles, More Action-packed Scenes Revealed

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On the latest trailer release for the Mad Max video game, it demonstrates the open world feel of the game. Avalanche Studios has released another trailer for the video game version of Mad Max, this time it shows the openness of the game where it lets you choose which path or decision you would take.

In the video, Max Rockatansky can choose what kind of approach to tackle some certain objectives or situations, in one scenario, Max needs to eliminate an upcoming convoy, he can choose either to Go Heavy, Go Loud or Go Mad. In Go Heavy, you can go head on against the convoy and ram them until they are destroyed, in Go Loud, you can customize your vehicle and pummel the convoy with flamethrowers, launchers and blow them to pieces. Then in Go Heavy, you can change your vehicle to run faster and blow up the convoy with your shotgun or grapple them and ram them off the track.


You have a lot of possible style and approach for you to tackle any threat, which is pretty nice as it gives players more creativity in bringing havoc in the Wasteland.

It?s no surprise that Avalanche Studios designed Mad Max to be more chaotic just like how they will design the upcoming Just Cause 3 letting you choose your kind of Chaos. Warner Bros. Games is serious in bringing an open-world, action oriented game to a new IP after the success of the Batman Arkham series as well as the Shadow of Mordor Lord of the Rings spin-off game, so you will see some familiar mechanics when you play Mad Max.

Let?s hope the game will not be a disappointment as it reaches the consoles and PC digitally on September 1, 2015. You can check out our previous coverage on the Mad Max game

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