Mad Max: Fury Road News Update: Is the Popular Wasteland Film Getting a Prequel?

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Who knew Mad Max: Fury Road will make a statement better than its original version? It is a sequel, everybody counted it out when the film was still in its production stage. Thirty years after the original version came out, Fury Road is 2015?s blockbuster entry to last summer?s film festival.

Now, rumors suggest that Mad Max: Fury Road may eventually get a prequel with George Miller returning as the director. In a report by the Herald Sun, featured by Collider, it said ?The prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy will be filmed in and around Broken Hill. Pre-production is gearing up on the multi-million-dollar action-packed Warner Bros franchise, with NSW?s Broken Hill Studios Miller?s first choice for shooting, which could start as soon as later this year. Mad Max 4 was plagued by delays when extended rain turned the desert green and the uber director had to move location to Namibia. The script is said to focus on the backstory of Furiosa, played by Oscar winner Charlize Theron.?

The statement is pretty final, but there are also concerns, bringing some serious setbacks to the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel. According to the Nerdist, George Miller, despite his intentions to return and work on Mad Max, said he?s not yet ready to do another one. Currently, the Mad Max director is working on a totally different project.

Mad Max Story Concept

As for the story concept of Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, rumor is that it will tell the story of Furiosa (Charlize Theron). So where will this story prequel leave the character of Tom Hardy? Because as far as fans know, Tom Hardy?s role in Mad Max didn?t arrive until Fury Road.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road

If a prequel is happening, then George Miller may just give Tom Hardy the trilogy he deserves. For now, Warner Bros. has not confirmed any of these information, but it may be soon before details will be provided. Are you excited to see a Mad Max: Fury Road prequel? What do you think of Charlize Theron reprising her role as Furiosa? Get the latest update on the movie by visiting us here on TheBitBag.


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