Macross 35th Anniversary Projects & New Anime Series Coming In 2018

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Macross 35th Anniversary

Numerous projects were announced during the second concert of the Macross Delta anime which was held in line with the upcoming Macross 35th anniversary. It appears that Macross Delta’s fans are in for a treat as there will be a lot of things coming their way. The announcement includes a live music concert, virtual reality, theater, planetarium, projection mapping display, network projects, toys, and shop.

In addition, an amusement center, as well as an upcoming anime for 2018, were also announced during the concert. The concert was held at the Yokohama Arena over the weekend. Meanwhile, the staff at the concert also stated that there are new Super Dimension visual projects that are currently in production for 2017.

Furthermore, it appears that Macross’ fans will have to wait for a while since the new series won’t air until 2018. On the other hand, the concert titled Walkure ga Tomaranai will be released on Blu-ray and DVD later in the year. These concerts are based on the Walkure idol group from the Macross Delta anime.

Few Alternatives While Waiting for Macross 35th Anniversary Event

The Macross franchise was created way back in 1982 with the series titled Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Apparently, the series was an immediate success to the introduction of mecha anime during the said time. Surprisingly, the number of mecha anime has continued up until now.

Hence, Macross Delta’s fans should look into the following more recent anime series that might suit their taste. Code Geass is one of the few animes out there that feature a strong story. However, Macross Delta fans are probably already familiar with the Code Geass series due to its fame.

Mobile Suit Gundam Franchise

Furthermore, the Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is also a good choice. Similar to Macross Delta, it also has mechas that can turn itself into a fighter plane. However, most of the story revolves around an army of kids who just got their freedom by killing their superiors.

On the other hand, the whole Gundam series is a good choice overall if you’re really into mechas. Fortunately, the franchise has a lot of series that was released around the same time as Macross. Re-watching the previous Macross series in the franchise would also be a good thing to do.

Eureka Seven

People who are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Macross 35th anniversary event probably like flying Mechas. In that case, Eureka Seven is a good choice to watch. Instead of turning into a fighter plane, mechas in Eureka Seven rides a hoverboard into the battle.

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