MacOS Sierra Release Date: What Siri Means To Your Mac

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Apple just released the MacOS Sierra with Siri support in tow. Check out the key Siri-related aspects of this new OS version in this post.

At the?WWDC 2016 event held last month, Apple introduced the powerful ?MacOS Sierra,? which is the new desktop operating system. And now, the same OS version has been made available to public beta testers that signed up to play around and evaluate the new firmware. Even though the exact MacOS Sierra release date with the final builds and bug fixes is unknown, reports point to ?Fall 2016? as the expected timeframe. TheBitBag will update our readers as we ferret out more info.

With MacOS Sierra, Apple brings Siri to Mac users who have long been waiting for it. This means Mac users will be able to activate services and functions via voice commands. The working style of Siri in Mac will not be any different from that of iPhones,?Computer World noted.

In general, digital personal assistants have made their way from smartphones, tablets to desktop computers. For instance, Microsoft, Google and Amazon have all rolled out voice-activated assistants to their devices. Microsoft?s Windows 10 desktop version has ?Cortana? assisting the device users. While Google has ?Google Now,? Amazon uses ?Echo.? Not to forget, the struggling BlackBerry also has a voice-assistant named ?BlackBerry Assistant.?

Within the past five years, Siri has made its way through many Apple devices, starting from the iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, Car Play to the Mac. It goes without saying that the induction of Siri is going to change the way Mac users interact with their beloved device.

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It only takes a couple of days to get habituated to Siri and make her assist the device user. In fact, Siri learns individual user’s likes, needs and patterns, and eventually, serve them much better, thanks to the ability to evolve.

The MacOS Sierra will allow Siri to be accessed via a dock icon, or by using a keyboard command. The other way is to access via the menu bar, located right next to the Notification and Spotlight icons.

Sadly, “Hey Siri” voice command is not available to Mac users yet. Nevertheless, Siri can be used to set reminders, send messages, create appointments and check sports scores, among others.

There is one particular aspect that sets Siri apart from the rest. Using this virtual assistant, users can narrow down the search results further by asking follow-up questions or requests. Once a user gets accustomed to how to do such searches, working with Mac would be fun.

Computer World says MacOS Sierra?s Siri can be used to pin queries and results in the Notifications area so that the device users can access them later with ease. The same results can also be added to documents or files.

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