?MacGyver? TV Show Premiere Date, Plot, Cast: Difference Vs. Original Show

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MacGyver TV Show Premiere Date

The new MacGyver TV show premiere date is nearing. Fans are getting excited how this reboot would stack up to the original series. For readers who did not get to see the original MacGyver and the glory of his mullet, we will first do a quick introduction to the man who really needs no introduction.

Angus MacGyver

Richard Dean Anderson played the original Angus MacGyver.?MacGyver is?a secret agent who is known for his wit in the physical sciences. He uses this knowledge to turn ordinary objects into weird devices to solve complex problems and get him out of predicaments. MacGyver?is known for his non-violent tactics to resolve conflict. The “Mac” usually carries his trusty Swiss Army knife and a roll of duct tape.

The New Mac Daddy

The reboot will have X-Men alum Lucas Till play ?Mac?. He will have George Eads, Tristin Mays and Justin Hires as co-stars for the series. Eads will play Jack Dalton. Dalton is a longtime partner for?MacGyver. He is a former CIA operative that lends some extra muscle to the brains of the operations. Mays will play Riley Davis. Davis?is a lovely hacker in?MacGyver’s?team.?Hires will play Mac?s best friend, Wilt Bozer. Their boss?will be played by Sandrine Holt playing ?Patricia Thornton.?

It is expected that other casts will play new roles that were not in the original as well. The reboot will not be a period series set in the 80s much like Stranger Things. This will be set in the present where a young Angus MacGyver will find himself recruited in a??secret organization. He will also find himself useful in it. ?

These are really the differences between the two shows. The new one would see a young and maybe a little inexperienced MacGyver while in the old one, we witnessed a rugged middle-age man blasting holes through walls. Now, we will see a young man, presumably in his 20s, blasting holes through walls. We could also expect more teamwork in this reboot, so you better keep track.?

The new MacGyver TV show premiere date is on Friday, September 23 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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