MacBook Pro 2016 Release Update: No New MacBook Pro Until 2017?

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MacBook Pro 2016
MacBook Pro 2016

The Macbook Pro has been the subject of a lot of rumors lately. There are rumors speculating on its purported specifications. There are rumors about its impending release. However, in light of recent events, there might be a chance that Apple will be delaying the release of the said laptop until early 2017.

The Macbook Pro would already be up against some competition by the time Apple has released its next generation. This is due to the fact that Intel has already started shipping some versions of Kaby Lake processors to its OEM partners. However, these versions are the ultra-low power ones. With this in mind, it would seem wiser to postpone the MacBook Pro and focus instead on the MacBook Air, since the MacBook Air uses a slightly lower performance processor. Apple could still release the laptop?with Skylake but this would seem counter-productive.

MacBook Pro?s do not come cheap. Normally, they retail at around $1300 for the most menial 13-inch model up until $2500 for the high-end 15-inch version. Most of the people who want?the laptop?would often get the high-end version, be it 13- or 15-inch. This would allow them to use the laptop a lot longer without worrying about upgrading. Now, if Apple was to release a Skylake version of the MacBook Pro this year, a lot of consumers will be complaining if Apple releases another version after three months or so. Most would-be buyers will probably hold on to their hard-earned money and wait for the Kaby Lake-based MacBook Pro instead. In this case, Apple?s efforts to introduce the next generation laptop?would be in vain.

MacBook Pro Render

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Of course, these are merely speculations, like the supposed features coming with the new laptop. Whether these conjectures hold any truth or not, only time will tell. All that can be done right now is wait for Apple to finally unveil the new MacBook Pro to its adoring fans.

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