MacBook Pro Touchbar Hacks: What You Don’t Know the Touchbar Can Do

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MacBook Pro Touchbar hacks

Just when you thought your MacBook Pro?s all about research papers or workloads, Mac shares Touchbar features that gives its consumers every reason to procrastinate even more!

Kidding aside, there?s so many hidden things that the MacBook Pro Touchbar can do, and Mac?s not limiting it to one. There?s actually a whole new device in that Touchbar!

MacBook Pro Touchbar hacks

Not that it?s life changing, or it could make your life easier. Learning this hidden features is more like finding out about that dinosaur game in Google Chrome when your internet connection?s slower than Internet Explorer. Scroll down to educate yourself further.

MacBook Pro Touchbar Hacks and Hidden Features

There?s so many things people can do with their MacBook Pros than just looking at the screen. With all these features, people need not stay clueless of what to type next for their reports, anymore!

All of these you can avail on Github:

  • The Touch Fart

Yep. You read that right. As much as there?s such thing as ?touch to start,? Mac finally made its greatest innovation ever as they put up a ?touch to fart? feature. As per Mashable, users can avail the downright dumb app on Github, and have the two fart-related emojis on their Touchbars, just because why not, right?

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Even more, you can innocently press that button in public then look at the closest person next to you. And voila, you?re bound to have the greatest day ever.

  • Touchbar Santa and Touchbar Dino

The Touchbar Santa feature basically gives you the chance to have Santa running around your touchbar. You know, just giving MacBook Pro users the taste of a very Merry Christmas while they?re too stressed out at work.

On the other hand, the Touchbar Dino allows you to guide your pet Dino back to safety by simply tapping on the screen to avoid the cacti. Same thing as Google Chrome?s hidden feature.

  • Touchbar Piano, Lemmings, and Nyan Cat

The Lemmings feature will transform the MacBook Pro users? touchbar into a stage for little Lemmings to walk on.

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On the other hand, the Touchbar Cat will allow users to have a pet cat running across their touchpads. Just simply entertaining the heck out of ?em.

Same goes to the Touchbar Piano, that will immediately turn people?s touchbars into their very own keyboard.

  • Pacman and Doom

Can you imagine these two classic games back to get people addicted? But this time, over their MacBook Pro touchpads? Well, it?s already possible.

  • Knight TouchBar

This is for those people who?s just so over Siri?s voice, and just so into the classics. This feature turns your MacBook Pro into KITT of the classic series, Knight Rider.

  • Rocket and TouchSwitcher

And of course, this article wouldn?t end without having something that would ACTUALLY come in handy. Not saying that the abovementioned are not at all useful, but you understand?

Both the Rocket and the TouchSwitcher allow its users to easily access and switch between different apps quickly. The only difference is the Rocket is a standalone menubar app, that you can use anytime.

With all these said, users will never look at their MacBook Pro?s Touchbars the same way again.

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