MacBook Pro 2017 with Intel Kaby Lake Coming Next Month

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MacBook Pro 2017 coming in June

When Apple released the MacBook Pro 2016 last October, many were devastated. MacBook Pro aficionados did not like the decision that Apple took to have a Skylake chip running under the hood of the new laptop. This decision probably prevented many Mac users to upgrade to the new 2016 model of the MacBook Pro. However, it seems like the moment that everybody is waiting for is finally coming very soon. Rumor has it that Apple might launch the updated MacBook Pro as early as next month.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is expected to release a slew of hardware products during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, CA. The event, which is normally used for software-related announcements, will be held from June 5 to 9.

Among the products to be unveiled is the MacBook Pro 2017. While the new laptop will not include any aesthetic changes, most of the updates will happen inside. Chief of which is the change from Skylake to Kaby Lake processors from Intel.

MacBook Pro 2017 coming in June

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In addition to the MacBook Pro, the event will also introduce a new MacBook as well as the MacBook Air.

This would probably come as a surprise to everyone as Apple somewhat alienated the MacBook Air last year when it released the MacBook Pro. At the time, the company wanted consumers to choose the basic MacBook Pro as a replacement for the ultra-light laptop. However, it only led to more orders for the MacBook Air. So, instead of getting rid of the model altogether, it has decided to thrown in a few upgrades to the MacBook Air as well.

As mentioned, readers should note that the upgrades will not be anything major. The most that Apple will do is update the processor and memory across its range of laptops. The only reason that Apple is releasing upgraded MacBooks is to regain interests in response to increasing demands for Microsoft products. Also, Apple wants consumers to realize that the company is still invested in its range of computer products.

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