MacBook Pro 2017 Expected to Release as Early as June 8

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MacBook Pro 2017 might released on June 8

For those following the latest developments regarding the MacBook Pro 2017 would know by now that it might get announced sometime next month. The rumour mill surrounding the said laptop suggest that the announcement could happen during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, CA.

The said event will happen on June 5 and will feature other Apple products in addition to the rumored MacBook Pro 2017 announcement.

While this may sound quite exciting for anyone attending the said event, consumers should note that Apple has already updated the shipping dates for the MacBook Pro, particularly the 15-inch version.

According to the Mac Rumors, the shipping for the said version of the laptop now dates between Jun 6 to 8. This is just a few days after the WWDC 2017 event. This new shipping dates may mean that these MacBook Pros will be the 2017 version that everyone has been expecting.

The MacBook Pro 2017 will not be very different from the previous model, at least in looks. It will retain the same thin design with the Touch Bar and four USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3.0 ports. However, on the inside, the laptop will receive its much needed upgrade.

MacBook Pro 2017 might released on June 8

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For the longest time, fans of the laptop have been asking Apple to release a version of it with the Intel Kaby Lake processor. Well, they will be happy to know that that time has finally arrived.

The new MacBook Pro 2017 will sport the latest and fastest Kaby Lake processors for laptop applications.

On top of that, it will also receive a few minor upgrades on the RAM and storage technology. Of course, consumers can expect that new MacBook Pro 2017 to have the latest and fastest NVMe storage from Apple.

Along with the MacBook Pro 2017, Apple is also expected to unveil the updates for the original MacBook and the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air, in particular, will also get some internal upgrades just like the MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, there are no updates if Apple intends to change the overall design of the MacBook Air.

It has been years since the company took notice of the said laptop and perhaps it is quite timely that a refresh is very much needed.

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